Please do not purchase any dancewear or shoes until your dancer has been placed in a class. Class placement is determined by Academy of Ballet Instructors and Directors.

Young Ladies: Leotard in uniform color, simple lines, no rhinestones, skirts, or decoration. Pink dance tights (no underwear). Split-sole pink leather ballet shoes (Sansha, Bloch, Capezio). Black tap shoes (Sansha, Bloch, Capezio). Caramel color jazz shoes (Capezio EJ2 recommended).

Levels White, Pink, Lavender, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Hunter, & Navy wear a uniform leotard in that color. Levels Daisies, Violets, Gardenias, Orchids, & Roses wear a black leotard. TRB Senior Company members may wear simple leotards of any color. Dancers of all levels may also wear to class any leotards won for perfect Summer Intensive Workshop attendance or purchased as a required costume for a TRB spring performance.

No leotards with rhinestones, decorations, or attached skirts.

Hair must be pinned up into a tight bun for all classes.  Loose hair distracts the dancer from learning.  Students whose hair falls out will be required to sit out the remainder of class.

No jewelry is to be worn, with the exception of small earrings.

Young Men: Very young boys wear close- fitted white T-shirt with black shorts and white socks. Young men wear white leotard or fitted T-shirt with dance belt and black dance tights. Split-sole black leather ballet shoes (Sansha, Bloch, Capezio).  Black tap shoes (Sansha, Bloch, Capezio). Black jazz shoes (Capezio EJ2 recommended).

Male dancers should keep hair trimmed appropriately to not obscure their vision or distract when dancing.

No jewelry is to be worn, with the exception of small earrings.

Adult dancers: Dancers over 18 taking leisure classes may wear dance clothes appropriate to their level, as above, or may wear other fitted exercise wear (leggings, etc.). Black tights are acceptable. Split-sole leather ballet shoes are required. Please see your instructor for additional requirements or recommendations.

Fit of all ballet, jazz, tap, & pointe shoes must be checked and approved by an instructor or in Arabesque Dancewear prior to being worn in class. Do not wear new shoes until they have been checked! You may be asked to return them for a different size.

During cold weather, students may wear tight fitting cover ups, allowing instructors to view & correct leg, arm, body, and head lines. No hooded shirts or jackets, zippered jackets, or extremely loose shirts or pants. All clothing must fit snugly to the body, legs, and hips. Coverups are to be worn at teacher’s discretion.

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