Tucson Regional Ballet/Academy of Ballet
Calendar ’20-‘21

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic and other emergency circumstances, restrictions may be placed on TRB activities due to government proclamation or venue closure. All dates and events are thus subject to change in schedule and procedure. Please direct any questions to Bridget at bwilde@tucsonregionalballet.org

CANCELLED: Fall 2020 Gaslight Fundraiser is cancelled due to the temporary closure of the Gaslight Theatre. We are looking forward to having a night out with you all in 2021!

CANCELLED: All Sweet Tomatoes Fundraisers are cancelled due to the permanent closure of Sweet Tomatoes. Thank you to Garden Fresh Restaurants for many years of support! We will be having other takeout and restaurant fundraisers this fall that you are invited to join us for.

POSTPONED: The TRB Rummage Sale was originally scheduled for September 2020. Due to the difficulty of social distancing at a large rummage sale and the desire to keep our facility sanitized, this event will be either postponed to a later date or cancelled for the fall. We are still accepting donations of furniture or other large items for sale.

Aug 3-14 Get-In-Shape Workshop
Aug 17 Tuition Due 1st Quarter ‘20-‘21
Aug 17 Fall-Winter-Spring ‘20-‘21 Classes Commence
Aug 29 Tucson Regional Ballet Nutcracker Children’s Casting Call
Sept 7 Labor Day-School Closed
Oct 3-4 TRB Fundraising Gala Weekend! No Saturday classes or Nutcracker Rehearsal
Oct 19-24 Class Observation Week, Tuition Due 2nd Quarter
Oct 31 Halloween-Morning Classes in session, TRB Rehearsal Children’s Roles Early Dismissal, No TRB Rehearsal Senior Company, Sr Apprentices, Junior Company
Nov 26 Thanksgiving Day-School Closed
Nov 28 Morning classes in session, no Senior Company class, no TRB Rehearsal
Dec 7-12 Academy of Ballet Closed-Nutcracker Rehearsals & Performances
Dec 12-13 TRB A Southwest Nutcracker Performances
Dec 14 Academy of Ballet Classes Resume (2nd qt cont)
Dec 14 Chipotle TRB Fundraiser
Dec 21-Jan. 2 Academy of Ballet Closed-Winter Break
Jan 4 Academy of Ballet Classes Resume (2nd qt cont)
Jan 11-16 Class Observation Week, Tuition Due 3rd Quarter
Jan 16 Final Day to order your May Recital Costume
Feb 1-6 May Recital Fee Due, $70 per family
Mar 14-20 Class Observation Week, Tuition Due 4th Quarter
Apr 17-18 TRB Spring Showcase
May 28 Tap & Jazz Recital Dress Rehearsal, TCC Music Hall
May 29 Ballet Recital Dress Rehearsal, TCC Music Hall
May 30 Ballet & Tap – Jazz Recital, TCC Music Hall
June 1-July 1 Intensive Summer Workshop
July 1 Intensive Summer Workshop Performance
July 12 Fall-Winter-Spring ‘21-‘22 Registration Begins
July-Aug Summer Workshops
Aug 16 Tuition Due 1st Quarter ‘21-‘22
Aug 16 Fall-Winter-Spring ‘21-‘22 Classes Commence